Letting go


Some people feel like they need to hold on to their grief and loss because it is all they have left of those they have loved. Some feel like they are being disloyal if they feel anything but sadness. But I believe that what our loved ones want from us is to find as much love and joy in our lives as we can. They want us to let go of the grief and sorrow. They want us to be happy. This takes time and comes in increments. For me, one tiny letting go came when I saw my Bob’s niece drive off in his sports car. I could tell he was happy to see his “baby” have a new life and be loved by someone he loved. It had been a piece of who he had been and would never be again and to let go of that piece was one step forward for me. Letting go doesn’t come quickly or easily but being open to letting go helps with the healing. Replacing sorrow with joy makes our loved ones happy and heals our hearts. 

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