Love And Service


My belief, for many years now, has been that love is the central core of who we are. Love is the only thing that we can take with us to the great beyond and love is what we are left with as we stay behind. I have always shied away from the idea of service, thinking that it meant doing nasty jobs out of duty or obligation. But during my partner’s journey, he needed more and more ”service” from me and because I loved him I was grateful to give it. I thought I loved him as much as one could, but I found that as he needed more and more help and as I gave it freely from the heart, my love also grew. By the end of his life I loved him more than any other time in our 34 years together. I think the key is giving freely from the heart, from love. Walking with a loved one on their final journey will be a difficult test at times. But giving from a place of love will help the giver too.